This averaging project started as an exercise into image manipulation, but quickly evolved into a project exploring static representations of larger collections of work, travel, memory, and the self.

How does the average of a set of portraits relate to the thought of self-image and memory?  Can the average of a set of photos taken on a vacation give an impression of place and mood to someone who hasn’t visited that part of the globe?  Can averaging the body of work by a particular artist, or averaging work with a central subject from multiple artists draw any interesting conclusions, or at least raise an interesting questions?

This project is still under way with more resulting explorations forthcoming.

The average of four years and 1,364 of portraits.
Three years of daily self-portraits. A slice from each portrait stacked next to each other, in the order in which they were taken.
The average photo I took while in India.
+32 additional medium format photos.
The average photo I took while in Yosemite National Park.
+62 additional medium format photos.