Records for Life

This project was a team entry for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Records for Life competition. The brief was to create a more effective immunization form. Our proposed immunization form is a modular system which revolves around a durable core identification card for each child. An ID card was decided upon to combat two problem in current immunization forms: lack of durability and lack of appearing important.

The card enables immunization information to be recorded easily, as well as read or collected quickly by health care workers. The system would utilize automated kiosks for high-volume health centers, existing cell networks for reminders, integrate with national databases, and include an an option yet important incentive system to promote the health of the more and child. The ID Card system ideally works as a whole, but would still function effectively should individual components be removed.

From a design perspective it was important to establish a clear hierarchy of information, use iconography throughout to help alleviate problems due to illiteracy, and establish clear and simple rules for recording and displaying immunization data.

This project was a semi-finalist in the Records for life competition.