Screen Prints

Some of my various screen printed posters and cards from a graduate screen printing course at MICA. The goal was to explore varying screen printing techniques and processes. Each of prints come in varying edition sizes, are signed (except the cards) and are available for purchase.

Two-color screen print of a handset typeface inspired from a early 20th century pharmacy sign. 29½″×41½″
Lettering of "Hype" in metallic gold on black. 19½″×19½″
Assorted illustrated undergarments in three colors: pink, light blue, and black. 29¼″×22⅜″
Two-layer screen print of a photo I took of the Taj Mahal. Process cyan over a split-fountain of a neon green / process yellow mix to a neon pink / process magenta mix. 22½″×9½″