Transit Choices

The Baltimore-based non-profit organization Transit Choices got in touch with me to overhaul and redesign both their website as well as their brand.

The logo needed to visually present the Transit Choices name in a clean, modern way to match the image they wish to project, but it also needed to somehow convey the idea of “transportation” or “movement.” After a few rounds of ideation we settled on a representation of a compass rose to incorporate a sense of movement and wayfinding.

The website is a WordPress-based solution for easy management and it’s built using Bootstrap v3 for the baked-in responsive capabilities to accelerate development time.

Transit Choices is a coalition of business organizations, universities, cultural institutions, developers, environmental groups, community groups, transportation planners, young entrepreneurs, and concerned individuals joined together by the vision of creating a real mass transit system in Baltimore. Their goal is to transform Baltimore into a more livable, walkable 21st century City.